the team behind veder

"Our ethos revolve around a simple yet powerful principle: to deliver value beyond expectation, fuelled by a passion for excellence and a relentless pursuit of perfection."

communicational Manager

Saif alkurdi Budapest, Hungary

"Each project is an opportunity to push boundaries, exceed expectations, and leave a lasting impression."

operational manager

vanessa kashtanjevci london, united kingdom

"In a world where content is king, we wear the crown of innovation. Our productions resonate because they're crafted with care and creativity."

business development manager

david munro london, united kingdom

"Passion fuels our creativity, and dedication drives our excellence in content production."

head of production

isaac morgans london, united kingdom

"Collaboration is at the heart of our process, ensuring seamless execution and unparalleled quality in every project."

regional manager

abood abu- ghazaleh Amman, jordan


Hamza qassim london, united kingdom

"We don't just meet expectations; we exceed them. Our dedication to delivering exceptional results sets us apart in a crowded industry."


Yoseph ayoub Amman, jordan

”Every day, we strive to improve our services to the clients by developing the right blend of technology and communication to make sure every job done is done efficiently.”
"With precision and creativity as our guiding principles, we craft content that resonates with audiences worldwide."

user experience strategist

Majd SUleiman Haselunne, Germany